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About Kulin Jewellers
Company Profile

Kulin Jewellers boasts of more than five decades legacy in accessories business. Started off with manufacturing buttons, today Kulin is second to none in India in manufacturing and trading variety of imitation jewellery and accessories. The unbelievable growth ignited by a humble beginning in 1948 has taught the present generation of entrepreneurs, the secrets of successful business. They consider honesty and ethics as the cornerstones of success.

One of the few manufacturers in India to trade their own merchandise, Kulin has a wide range of quality products under one roof; men’s and women’s ornaments, mangalsutras and kalangis to name a few. With a technology-driven manufacturing unit and an extensive team of expert designers and skilled personnel, Kulin has emerged as one of the biggest pendant manufactures in the country.

Persistent about quality and innovation, their enviable success over the years is the sheer reflection of their commitment to provide cost-effective premium products to wholesalers worldwide. With a pan-Indian distribution network, Kulin has unparalleled rate of customer retention.

Kulin currently exports to UAE, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey and Africa and the network is growing with leaps and bounds. The Team Kulin envisions a future where their brand name becomes synonymous to the industry. Fast-reaching their goal, they currently focus on enhancing their brand awareness in the untouched parts of India and exporting to many more countries the world over.


Men’s ornaments: Bespoke men’s jewellery such as bracelets, chain locket, chain, finger rings and kalangis are manufactured to perfection at our manufacturing unit. With attention to details, at Kulin, men’s jewellery is designed by experienced in-house designers who are passionate about innovation.

Women’s ornaments: First-rate women’s jewellery and accessories such as chains, pendants, mangalsutra chain and pendant, ring bracelets and top sets are manufactured by us with unprecedented finesse. At Kulin, unique designs are carved out of luring materials, making it durable and the best.

Religious accessories: At Kulin, we manufacture a wide range of religious accessories, in various designs and concepts. Key chains, lockets, car-hangings and religious stands, we manufacture customized products in large quantities.

Accessories: We design and manufacture ethnic and modern accessories for rakhi, matka decoration, wedding card decoration and many others. We complement imagination and inspire creativity with attractive accessories that have multiple uses.